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Our mission is to create a K-12 system that educates students to be responsible, critical thinkers who are prepared to successfully compete in a dynamic, global workforce.

  • Between the classroom teacher and the students that model the qualities of good character, and allow collaboration throughout the learning process to achieve academic success, and celebrate accomplishments together. 
  • Between the parents and school personnel that promotes open communication, encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation, and develops the concept of true community support of education.
  • Between colleagues, in order to establish a school learning community that applies proven effective classroom learning strategies and management practices that increase student achievement, and creates a positive collegial atmosphere.
  • Among students so that all feel safe, comfortable, and accepted, and where students encourage each other, work and play with each other, and support each other’s interests and learning.
  • Between administrators and teachers, where professionalism and personal integrity promotes shared decision-making, empowerment, and the uplifting of staff as they undertake the most important mission of all: creating successful students.