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We believe that everyone can succeed in a nurturing and secure learning environment that is supported by diverse and meaningful community partnerships.

Our schools offer a beautiful and safe environment that inspires learning, but we also know that we need the support of our entire community. Our students need loving parents who nourish them and send them to school ready to learn, who value education and help them with their schoolwork. In the spirit of cooperation, our schools welcome parents and families to actively become involved in school programs and activities, and require families to volunteer and partner to assist our mission. 

Our  teachers  are caring, qualified, and committed to excellence  in classroom instruction. They establish and honor positive relationships with their students. Our  administrators  lead with student achievement and student welfare at the heart of each decision they make. Our support staff  all work hand-in-hand to meet the needs of each student, and ensure success for all. 

While academic success and superior test scores are critical to our schools, our vision embraces much more: our schools are places where children are happy and excited to learn; our curriculum and teachers challenge students to not only think critically, but to use common sense in their lives; our students learn values, and value service to others; our students feel free to imagine, to create, and to shape their interests and talents for future careers. 

Oasis Charter Schools are Four Schools, One Vision.  Start HERE.  Go EVERYWHERE